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Compact controller


The DIOLINE PLC is a flexible, powerful compact control. It was designed and developed exclusively for use in rail vehicles.

The controls are freely programmable in comfortable IEC 61131-3 development environments, and have an L-bus interface for the connection of local I/O modules.

  • The integrated fieldbuses are available in the following designs:
  • MVB Slave Class 1.3 as EMD or ESD+
  • CANopen Master or CANopen Slave
  • SAE J939 or CAN2.0
  • RS485
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Ethernet/IP

The Ethernet interface can also be used as a programming, visualizing and diagnostics interface.
The DIOLINE PLC also has an SD card slot to read diagstonics data fast and easily or to update the firmware or software on-site without using a computer or special software.

The DIOLINE PLC can be used both as a gateway with additional control tasks and as a full subsystem control. Here created programs can easily be ported onto the available versions if different field buses are used in different projects. By adopting existing concepts for complex functions such as ambient data storage, load regulation or diagnostics, the time-to-market duration is reduced to a minimum. Further communication protocols (e.g. MODBUS, Profinet) are available on request.


In addition to the standardised CANopen Slave function, the version with CAN connection also supports a true redundant master and the CAN version SAE J1939 mainly known from the automotive industry.

You can find a large selection of DIOLINE PLC CAN versions in the online catalogue.


The version with MVB connection is available as a Class 1.3 participant in the versions EMD and ESD+. In addition it is possible to address the local digital inputs so that the MVB address can be varied dependent on the binary input wiring at the respective location of installations without having to conduct further interventions into the configuration.

You can find a large selection of DIOLINE PLC MVB versions in the online catalogue.

Should an application require local input and output channels, the I/O modules DIOLINE 20 I/O systems can be used for this. DIOLINE 20 I/O system offers a wide selection of different I/O types.

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