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LÜTZE International Group

Research and development are at LÜTZE

A tradition in automation of over 50 years - With countless pioneering achievements, LÜTZE is today one of the leading firms in industry worldwide. Friedrich Lütze (born in 1923) founded Lütze GmbH in Weinstadt near Stuttgart in 1958. Since then, electronic and electrotechnical components and system solutions for automation and high tech for rail engineering have been designed and produced there. With ground-breaking innovations and international patents, the company, still young at the time, was already calling attention to itself. With the launch of the LSC system for switch cabinet wiring in 1972, switch cabinet manufacturers could for the first time save up to 25% more space than the conventional layout. In the early 1980s, LÜTZE was among the first suppliers in the world featuring its highly flexible cables.

Since the founding of the firm over 50 years ago it has been the corporate philosophy to be among the leading suppliers in the automation industry featuring highly innovative products. LÜTZE is not investing considerably more in research and development than the industry average for nothing.

The company is constantly growing, in fact during the last few years by over 50%. Subsidiaries have been established in France, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Spain, China and the USA. LÜTZE has been the owner of the modern electronics manufacturing firm ELFRA in the Czech Republic since 2003. ELFRA s.r.o. employs over 100 employees at its Chrudim location – about 100 km east of Prague.

Today LÜTZE is active around the world and with a staff of over 400 generates annual sales of about € 75 million. Important product lines range from control cables, LSC, the energy-efficient wiring system for switch cabinets, interface and suppression technology, power supply and field bus technology to ethernet-networked controllers.


Systematic Technology

Our comprehensive supply program is optimally harmonized to meet all your needs. Our product portfolio reaches from Control Cables to LSC-Wiring Systems; Interface and Suppression technology, Power Supplies and Field Bus technology up to network controlled Ethernet. Of course we offer application support with our products.

From products to solutions

Our own R&D department makes it possible to realize customized special developments and product applications. Numerous international patents and the focus to offer better solutions prove the outstanding range of services of Lutze. 

Technology with quality

With the most modern test equipments and continuous advancement of our products we ensure continuous high quality. However what is more important is that quality is part of our corporate culture and lived by every employee.

Technology world wide

With our own companies throughout Europe and the USA, we are positioned to service the European and North American Markets. Our international distribution partners world wide complement our efforts and provide global product availability and service to our customers.

Technology fast available

Our extraordinary delivery capability is based on our advanced logistics system and stock availability either in the European or N. American facilities. 

Railway technology is another important mainstay for LÜTZE. The firm is among the leading suppliers in this sector worldwide. LÜTZE was one of the first companies in the world to comply with the demanding railroad standard IRIS 02 in 2010. Lütze Transportation GmbH has been in existence since 2011 combining sales and product management in the rail technology sector.


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