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Electronic control for rail vehicles

LÜTZE Transportation: climate-friendly by rail

Increasing emissions, faster climate change, more dramatic consequences for humans and the environment: The ecological balance sheet shows that emissions can be reduced through one's choice of transportation.

Which is why LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION has been active in the area of train engineering for more than three decades. Whose importance grows, technical standards grow with it as well.

Today LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION develops and delivers products and solutions for this demanding application field based on its consistent endeavors to further expand its know-how edge.

LÜTZE is considered one of the world's leading suppliers thanks to its high-quality, reliable and long-lasting rail portfolio. Back in 2006 Lütze Transportation was among the first companies to fulfill the demanding IRIS standard. Since then the quality management system was improved constantly, following the improvement of the standard. It now fulfills the requirements of the new ISO/TS22163:2017.

LÜTZE rail engineering products can be found practically on every track in the world, be it commuter railway systems, underground systems, trams, freight locomotives or high-speed trains.

History of Lütze Transportation GmbH


LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION provides the Train Line Modem TLM-10 for data-secure Gigabit-Ethernet via the coupling. The TLM-10 is suitable for new vehicles and for upgrading older rail vehicles


Presentation of rail-compatible USB charging ports for the passenger area and driver's cab

Further development of the DIOLINE PLC compact control system to include the Train Realtime Data Protocol (TRDP)

Market launch of the programmable LION microPLC logic module for decentralized applications on rail vehicles


LÜTZE takes over Passenger Information from PICASO and expands the product range of LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION to include areas such as flexible passenger information systems to control screens and displays, modular systems for passenger and driver intercoms, Ethernet solutions for data transfer in the vehicle, and signal generators


ISO/TS 22163 certification

60 years efficiency in Automation - LÜTZE celebrates 60th anniversary


Launch of the Ethernet Switch Family LEOS for the use on rail vehicles.


LÜTZE Transportation moves into a new office. Expansion of LÜTZE to 3 plants in Weinstadt.


Launch of USB charger for the driver's cab


Market launch of the modular and decentralised remote I/O LION system


Foundation of Lütze Transportation GmbH, Managing Director Andre Kengerter


LÜTZE is one of the first 20 companies worldwide that can comply with the revised IRIS 02 standard


IRIS certification as one of the first companies in the world


Market launch of automation products for railway technology


Certification according to DIN ISO 9001


Development and sales of first relay components and interface products.


Company established by Friedrich Lütze with DM 2,000 start-up capital. Start-up without warehouse as "rucksack wholesaler". The demand in the construction sector and in industry during the years of setting up was immense. Distribution of electrical appliances, cables and electronic components