Control Technology

Control and diagnostic systems play an important role in modern rail vehicles. In order to guarantee rational planning and production of the vehicles under the continuously increasing requirements on process control technology, individually adaptable platform concepts are required.

The flexible control technology components from LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION consistently reflect this trend. In this way, intelligent special solutions, such as LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION lamp controls, are available, in the same way as complete control technology systems that comply with EN50155, EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129, with individual components that are aligned perfectly with each other. One example of this is the LION system, which, in addition to vehicle control, also comprises the I/O levels for all signal voltages generally used in the rail sector.

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Control technology - Lütze Transportation GmbH

Product categories

Vehicle control unit

Vehicle control system with flexible field bus configuration for central and decentralized control tasks, enabling the connection of different local I/O modules. Programming is carried out in compliance with IEC61131-3.

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I/O system

Decentralized I/O systems consisting of bus coupler (MVB, Ethernet and/or TRDP), different input and output modules (digital and analog for power, voltage and temperature) and respective infrastructure components.

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Network technology

Robust Ethernet switches with M12 connector for top-hat rail mounting or direct rear wall assembly. These support functions such as autocrossing, autonegotiation and autopolarity, as well as the store-and-forward transfer mode.

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