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I/O system

LION - Safety-related remote I/O system

LION stands for LÜTZE Input Output Network and has been designed and developed especially for use on rail vehicles in applications up to SIL2.

The modular construction allows the user to adapt the configuration of the I/O station at the corresponding deployment area by connecting very different modules and combining functionalities depending on the task. The selection includes voltage supplies, bus couplers, and digital and analogue modules with safe and non-safe inputs and outputs.

LION provides flexibility by using different field bus interfaces in one application. Bus couplers with MVB or Ethernet and/or TRDP interfaces are available for selection.

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LION in functional safety related applications

With LION, safe (SIL2) and non-safe (SIL0) modules can be operated together on the same bus. A separate network installation is not necessary for processing security-related signals. LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION is committed to making security affordable and through the LION system's modularity, enables the scaling of security functions between SIL0, SIL1 and SIL2.

Further Information

Planning and configuration with the LION Configuration Framework

The LION Configuration Framework is an innovative software platform of the LION system. It supports the user during all project phases, starting with the planning of the I/O stations, through the field bus configuration right up to the supporting documentation for the safety verification.

LION customer advantages

The new L-BUS2 has numerous diagnostic functions. In this way, the user always has an overview of the current status of their technology and the connected peripherals.  In case of a malfunction of one or several I/O modules, the master can unambiguously record this malfunction and continue to address the intact modules.

The functionality and availability of the overall system is thus retained in spite of the malfunction.

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Durable and modular I/O system. Thanks to DIOLINE 20, it is possible to adapt the configuration of the I/O station to the respective application.

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