Software engineering


The IEC 61131 PLC programming system MULTIPROG from PHOENIX CONTACT Software GmbH is the central standard engineering component of the LÜTZE PLC controller platform. MULTIPROG accelerates project handling and creation of the PLC application in all programming languages of the IEC 61131.

It supports the integration of fieldbus configuration and diagnostic tools for visualization and parameterization tasks. For this reason it is particularly suited to programming complex networks with distributed control components and also for diagnostics during the starting up and the series operation.  High-performance engineering functions such as multi-user operation or automatic project generation enable flexible integration for train manufacturers and operators.


With regard to operation and range of functions, the SAFEPROG safe programming system is specially designed for the requirements of safety applications. SAFEPROG enables you to create your safety application in IEC 61131. Safe programming on the PC is ensured by numerous forward-thinking and error-detecting measures. Clear identification of safe functions and function blocks as well as non-safe variables increases safety.