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Control gear and signal units

LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION has developed maintenance-free, durable and ergonomically suitable LED, display and lighting elements as well as acoustic signal encoders, which have proven their worth multiple times in practical use, so that everything remains under control in the driver's cab.

Customized solutions available on request.

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Product categories

LED indicator lights

Energy-saving and maintenance-free signal lamp panel with the option of direct control from an electronic control system.

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LED lighting elements

Various LED light elements, e.g. for the even illumination of the control cabinet, for the lighting of instruments and brackets, and round instruments.

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LSG3 control units for external vehicle lighting

For controlling the outside lights of rail vehicles with various signal patterns in tight spaces.

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Dimmer modules

For the ergonomic adjustment of the brightness of various instruments in the driver's cab.

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Buzzer components

For the flexible output of warning tones, and speech- and music-based warnings, up to a total length of 15 minutes.

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