Diode and resistor modules

Quadruple diode module with 6.2 mm construction width

LÜTZE diode gates are universal aids when dealing with the space-saving use of decoupling or overload diodes. In the wired version, they help to minimize the wiring effort, for example with the decoupling of interference suppression systems.

As freely switchable versions with up to 22 individual diodes, they provide maximum flexibility for very different applications, for example the LÜTZE quadruple diode module 762125. In spite of the minimal space requirement of only 6.2 mm on the hat profile, it provides four freely wirable, type EM513 (1A/1600 V) diodes, which can be connected over cage clamps.

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Diode and resistor modules - Lütze Transportation GmbH

Further products

Sixfold diode modules

For resolving various interference suppression or decoupling tasks on a construction width of just 22.5 mm without complex wiring via the terminal strip.

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