Audio system ACSys

The audio system ACSys is a system that has undergone many years of testing for use in light to medium-heavy rail vehicles. It is suitable for fleets of any size thanks to ease of configuration, the modular design and easy expansion options.

The ACSys audio system also allows realization of the following features:

  • ELA functions such as indoor & outdoor announcements
  • Passenger intercom
  • Driver intercom
  • Digital announcements
  • Carriage-specific announcements that also take into account vehicle portion working and through trains

The ACSys is suitable for use in unidirectional and bidirectional vehicles, and can be coupled as required. Here, the system addresses the system bus itself, so that each communication station and each amplifier can be addressed and called up separately. Thanks to the decentral arrangement of the amplifiers and components, the system can also be installed in tight spaces. Also because of the use of several small amplifier components, a high level of redundancy and reliability is achieved.

Volumes can be configured and adjusted using the Windows program AcSys Tool. This is used to access all components installed in the vehicle, set all audio paths separately, configure the noise-dependent volume regulation and carry out software updates. It is also possible to save volume tables from the vehicle and transfer these to other vehicles.

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