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Passenger Information System PIOS

The maintenance-free passenger information system PIOS (Passenger Information und Localization System) is designed for light to medium-weight rail vehicles. The heart of this system is the Linux on-board computer that performs all control tasks. The system has a flexible structure and can be fitted into vehicles of any size.

The on-board computer PPU controls all kinds of periphery in the vehicle by means of various digital I/O interfaces, RS232, RS485, Ethernet and/or IBIS. These include, in particular, displays or screens. Data from passenger counting systems can also be exported and ELA systems can be addressed. Here, the digital audio and and switch signal are transferred to the ELA. In addition to the ELA ACSys, it is also possible to control audio systems by other manufacturers. It can also be connected to a CAN network inside the vehicle.

To ensure precise and reliable quality information, the database of the PPU can be updated via USB, Ethernet and the air interface. The system automatically recognizes the period of validity of a database and selects the right database for the particular day.

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