Sustainable answers and solutions

The future is blue

Sustainable enterprise means thinking and planning ahead, understanding and embedding the belief that long lasting success is more important than short-term profit maximisation. This is an attitude that has existed within LÜTZE for quite some time. Economic and environmental responsibilities compliment each other well and are reflected in the sustainable management and product policy - and from now in the SkyBLUE campaign.

We manufacture our products in a resourceful and energy-conscious manner. We use long lasting, environmentally- friendly materials. And our products, in turn, help our customers save energy and resources.

Good for everyone: for us, for the environment, for our customers a win-win-win situation.

Goods with real value

The value of a product or a solution from LÜTZE is determined by its sustainable qualities as well. Every innovation is only as successful in the future if it has a long-term positive effect. Therefore, we provide, for example, non-ageing components and those with extremely high efficiency.

We are incorporating the necessary knowledge and manufacturing head start in numerous joint projects with the objective of improving energy efficiency and sustainable technologies and industries.

Thus, LÜTZE provides answers and shows ways to handle resources responsibly, with our environment and finally our future.

„The competitiveness of our industry and of its suppliers depends quite substantially on how we succeed in developing practical results. The results that we produce together today, are our competitive advantages in the future.“

Udo Lütze

Setting the right course:

Environmentally responsible with LÜTZE engineering

LÜTZE technology always on board

Greenhouse gases, faster climate change, more dramatic results for humans and the environment: The ecological balance sheet shows that emissions can be reduced through ones choice of transportation -on land, trains, above all SkyBLUE.

LÜTZE has been active in the area of train engineering for over two decades. When importance grows, technical standards also grow. Thanks to consistent and considerable development we are able to deliver many products for this demanding field of application.

LÜTZE is considered one of the world’s leading suppliers with high-quality, reliable and longlasting solutions. LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION 2006 was among the world’s first companies to obtain a IRIS certificate. Since that time the management system is improved permanently according to the evolution of the IRIS standard. The management already fulfills the requirements of the all new IRIS ISO/TS22163.

LÜTZE train engineering can be found on board on nearly every track in the world, whether of commuter railway system or the tube, freight locomotive or high-speed train.