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Spoken alert sounds and melodies for the driver's cab

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With the LÜTZE universal Audio Signal Transducer it is possible to play spoken alert sounds and melodies in the driver's cab and the passenger section. The audio signal transducer is freely configurable and supports audio files in wav and mp3 formats. The railway manufacturer VOSSLOH RAIL VEHICLES Espagña, since 2015 Stadler Rail Valencia S.A.U. relies already on the LÜTZE audio technology for their new EUROLIGHT Diesel railway locomotive.

LÜTZE Audio Technology – Established for Decades

Until now buzzer modules were used for transmitting alert sounds and signals. Those buzzer modules rely on the piezo technology and can play up to 16 alert sounds. The frequency height is individual adjustable for every signal and alert sound. LÜTZE buzzer modules can be found worldwide in railways and trams. Big advantage: LÜTZE is the only manufacturer who offers DIN rail mounting options for those devices. If more than one warning signal is to played, a corresponding number of modules must be installed.

With the Programmer the Audio Signal Transducer is programmed with the Mem-file in a matter of seconds.
63 messages with a total length up to 4 minutes as wav or mp3 audio files can be put on the Audiosignal Transducer.
The variant for wall mounting meets the requirements of protection class IP 65 and is normally built into the wall in the passenger section or mp3 audio files are played.
The Programing of the LÜTZE Universal Audio Signal Transducer is done with the specially developed "LÜTZE AudioConfig Tool" software.

Expanded Safety and Comfort Requirements in Railway Technology

To meet the requirements of the market, LÜTZE offers a freely configurable Audio Signal Transducer. Spoken announcements for passengers and acoustic alert sounds in the driver's cab can be realized by the Audio Signal Transducer, for example for  dead-man's vigilance device (SIFA). The Audio Signal Transducer supports also the accessibility in trains for example by multilingual announcements in disabled toilets and alerts at opening and closing the doors for blind passengers. For customer specific sounds and signals offers LÜTZE the service for voice recording in professional sound studios.

Innovative Technology for New Application Fields

The engineers of Lütze Transportation GmbH developed a universal Audio Signal Transducer with a freely configurable audio module. The module has a compact and modular design and contains an amplifier as well as a broadband loud speaker. 63 Audio files be played via six digital inputs with BCD coding. The total length of all messages can be 4 minutes long.

The Audio Signal Transducer can be operated in nearly every country and vehicle type because of the wide range voltage supply of DC 24 V to 110 V, the temperature range of -40 °C to + 70 °C and the observance of all common railway standards (for example EN 50155, EN 50124 and EN 61373).

For the 63 signals, the volume can be adjusted individually in eight levels or steplessly via an integrated potentiometer. A maximum sound pressure of 90 dB can be reached at a distance of 30 cm via the installed broadband loudspeakers. The frequency bandwidth is between 250 and 10,000 Hertz.

The LÜTZE signal transducer is currently available in three different styles: A standard version for top-hat rail mounting, a special version for wall mounting with protection class IP 65 in the front area, and a version of controlling an external loudspeaker.

The easy programming and configuration with the LÜTZE Software and Handheld Tool leave nothing to be desired.

The configuration of the Audio Signal Transducer is done with the special "LÜTZE AudioConfig Tool" software. The customer can upload audio files and configure those according to his requirements. After all settings are done, a Mem-File can be generated. The file can be load comfortable from the computer on to the "LÜTZE Handheld Programmer".

The Handheld Programmer is a tool for programming the installed Audio Signal Transducer in the train. No need to remove the audio signal transducer or for extension configuration via a computer.

The Handheld Programmer is connected to the Audio Signal Transducer via a special interface. By pushing the button of the Programmer, the Audio Signal Transducer is programmed with the Mem-file in a few seconds. The LEDs are indicating the status of the programming.

In vehicles with a high number of Audio Signal Transducer which need the same configuration, the Handheld Programmer saves a lot of time.

Euro Stage Stadler EUROLIGHT realized with the LÜTZE Audio Signal Transducer

The railway manufacturer Stadler Rail in Valencia relies consistently on the new flexible LÜTZE audio technology for their new EUROLIGHT Diesel production series. With the EUROLIGHT Diesel locomotive Stadler Rail creates a European operational locomotive platform. With less than 20 tons of weight per axis EUROLIGHT offers the best available "Power-Weight-Ratio" in Europe. The new Stadler Rail production series is realised the first time for a railway company in Great Britain. Stadler Rail prefers suppliers which offer components for use in different countries.

Lütze Transportation GmbH with its Audio Signal Transducer belongs to the selected suppliers. In the driver's cab of the Stadler EUROLIGHT is emits acoustic alert signals for the PZB (intermittent automatic train running control), SIFA (dead-man's vigilance device) and fire alerts and general alerts.

The LÜTZE Audio Signal Transducer fits perfectly in the Stadler Rail strategy. According to the country of application only the programming of the Signal Transducer has to be changed. Luis Mesa, responsible for the project management at VOSSLOH RAIL VEHICLES, since 2015 Stadler Rail Valencia S.A.U., feels certain: With the LÜTZE Audio Signal Transducer the extended requirements regarding quality, capacity and economy on railway vehicles are taken into account."

Important additional advantages of the LÜTZE Audio Signal Transducer for Stadler Rail are the simple field installation on the hat profile, the angled connecting plug for optimal wiring and the adjustment of the volume via potentiometer.